Thursday, February 25, 2010

Family Fotos

I hope that when my niece Corinne sees this first picture of her that she's at work because she's one of those people with a HUGE laugh and she's going to scare the pants off everyone around her, I just know it.  Hope hope hope.  I just thought that, in keeping with today's Circus theme, I'd feature Corinne and her brother, Sean.  Here they are:  Seanbo and Tinky Poo The Clown!
I can never remember exactly how old my nieces and nephew are but I'm thinking this was taken in the late 80's.

Nice to see that they haven't lost their sense of fun--here they are, all grown up and dressed for Halloween a few years ago.  It's Pebbles and Bam Bam!
That's their wonderful Boxer, Rusty.  He's just not too sure about these cavepeople, though, and wants everyone to know that he is NOT Dino!


  1. The little Rambo just makes my heart smile! I can just picture him saying that he wants to be "Wambow" for Halloween! I have some embarrassing pics of my little brother dressed up like an astronaut sitting on a big wheel that might have to find their way to the internet now.....

  2. That dog looks nervous. What's with that?

    Cute kids, both then and now!

  3. They're not only cute, they're two of the nicest, funniest people in the world!! Aunt Sally loves you guys!!

  4. Tell BamBam to never take a dare where if you lose, you have to wax your legs! It would be very, VERY painful. Very cute kids...little and big!

    Where was your niece when she read your post?

  5. Clearly Rusty does not co-sign on these costumes. ;o)

  6. Oh, wow. FUNNY stuff! ;) In addition to all the great family pictures you have posted, I certainly LOVE cute pics of my hubby and sis-in-law! Ah, black mail.... j/k!