Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet The Girls!

I've been collecting vintage hats, gloves, collars, furs and purses for awhile now and decided I'd better do something to whittle down the collection, especially when I really can't wear fur (morally and since it's usually just too damn hot), the gloves are too small and I look like an idiot in hats.  So, I bought a couple of styrofoam heads at Hobby Lobby and glued them to a round styrofoam base.  They've been sitting on a shelf, looking way too bland.

This morning, I got out the colored pens and went to town.  Et voila!  The Girls!

This is Mae.  She's wearing a cute little multi-layered straw chapeau and a vintage cutwork collar.  She works in a department store, lives in a 4th floor coldwater flat with 3 other single gals, volunteers at the USO and dreams about the day she meets the man of her dreams.

Stella, on the other hand, is a chorus dancer on Broadway.  She's wearing a red mink hat and a silver fox collar, both of which were purchased for her by her Stage Door Johnny, Ricky "The Tomato" Damato.  Stella lives in a beautiful apartment and has no intention of getting married anytime soon. 

The girls are taking a vacation from their jobs and are holding court at my antique mall booth.  They look fabulous!


  1. I love your Girls! The stories, the clothes, the attitude! Wonderful and so much FUN!!

  2. Love meeting Stella and Mae! You did a great job creating them, each with her own personality. Thanks for the sweet comment.
    More Bill O. to follow...

  3. How Fun! Love the all important backstory! Hope they have a swell time at the booth! Who knows maybe they will make a few friends there!?

  4. One question Christine...when is the book coming out? That was a bit of a tease. I want to hear more about the girls. I'll bet they have some really swell adventures to share with all your blogger friends. Whatta ya say?

  5. Wow, those are fantastic! And much better than the plain faces those things those come with! :D

  6. They ARE fabulous! Such a great idea, and you did a fantastic job. I bet the girls will sell those hats in no time. And go Stella! She's got the right idea!

  7. Those are fantastic! lol

    I've been looking for a booth around these parts, but the waiting lists are long.

    I used to collect vintage hats and gloves, but got rid of most of them, well before there was an eBay or Etsy. I only have a few pieces left, including a cute 50s hat that belonged to my MIL.

    I love that fur hat that Stella is wearing (my mother's name was Stella - though she wasn't a chorus girl lol), though couldn't wear it myself (moral issues as well I'm afraid).

  8. I forgot to mention that the salad you mentioned (mixed greens with fruit) sounds great. I'll have to try it. :-)

  9. Whew! I was afraid when I read your title...Meet the Girls, I was going to see photos of your boobs!

    You did a great job on Stella and Mae! If I was painting them, they would more like a Dali painting...different size eyes on different levels of the face, etc. Love the straw hat. It looks like felt or fabric instead!

  10. Them's freaky! I have always had a "creepout" fear of disembodied heads. Call me crazy. You did a nice job on them, but I'll be seeing them in my dreams!

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  12. I love old hats and purses. I have several of them as decorations in my powder room. When I buy them at auction, people look at me like I'm crazy.
    Stella and Mae are cool.

  13. Charming Girls indeed!
    ...and it's so nice to know that DH and I aren't the only ones that have every mannequin / statue named (w/story) that joins our abode... Mrs. Teller, Rebecca of the Garden, Stan, Miss Skanny, etc..., etc...