Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eva Zeisel, Pyrex and You Tell Me . . .

In an earlier post, I wrote about finding a very cool platter that was made by Hall China as Hallcraft, Shape By Eva Zeisel.  If you Google Eva Zeisel, you'll learn a great deal about a very interesting lady.  Would you believe that I was at the same charity thrift store where I found the first platter, and lo and behold! another instantly recognizable shape, albeit a different pattern.  This one is "Bouquet" and was also created in the 50's-60's.  It's more something that my mother would have had in her home rather than the now more popular "atomic" styling like my "Fantasy" platter, but it's very pretty.  Three bucks.

If you're into Pyrex, see how many patterns you can recognize on another shelf in the shed.  Just to make things interesting, there's also some Fire-King in the mix.

I'm not sure, but I'd bet this little yee-ha cowboy ceramic ashtray wasn't made in these here United States of Amerikey.  Considering the spelling, god I hope not.  Just in case you can't read it:

I think the cowboy is drunk, he's riding through town shooting off his gun and yelling obscenities, and with his blurred vision, that's what HE sees on the buildings.  Ya think?


  1. love all your treasures! that plate is awesome but I gotta love that cowboy! Too funny and today I need a laugh! pyrex love!

  2. Yeah I agree. He has to be drunk. Look he has lost his face at the same time!!! Love your blog!

  3. The horse looks a little conquistador! A drunk one yes....

  4. $3.00? That's a bargain!! Love the bouquet pattern. What does the other one look like or have you sold it?

    On your wall of Pyrex, is that a Christmas Pyrex on the left side? It's flipped upside down with an avocado green bowl on top!

    I cleaned out cabinets today. Looks like all I'm getting rid of is chipped crystal, some metal Christmas pans, and a quesadilla maker. All the fun stuff went back into the cabinet!


  5. I love balloon and snowflake pyrex!

  6. "COLP NLLFT"!!!

    I wonder what that was supposed to say? "Cold" something?

    Love it!

  7. I'm loving the drunk cowboy dish. He looks like he's trying to catch his hat in mid-air, which you know will be followed by falling off the horse...

    Great find!!