Friday, December 11, 2009

Stb. Sgt. Christine, Troop K, California Rangers (With Lowly Trooper Sally)

That's me on the right with #2 sister, Sally, in front of our house in Sepulveda, CA.  We are brand new recruits into Troop K, California Rangers, First Regiment Cavalry, North Hollywood.  Based on a test we took (forget riding ability--the majority of us could barely stay on the horse) I was promoted to Stable Sergeant from mere Trooper.  Yes, it's true--I BEAT SALLY.  My smartypants little sister who had to come along only two years after me, right when I was really beginning to enjoy being an only child.  Then she starts growing up and I, like an idiot, taught her to read.  And what happens--she skips half a grade! 

I have saved this card lo these many years.  Even with the typo/strikeout, I love it (poost?). 

Due to my elevated status as Stable Sergeant, I was given the honor of carrying the American flag when the troop participated in local parades.  Which of course meant that everyone, INCLUDING SALLY, followed me. 

1963 was one of the best years of my life!

P.S.  And since I know that Sally reads my blog, she also knows that I love her dearly and that she really should show this picture to her co-workers, ha ha ha.

I'll be back on Tuesday.  Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!


  1. I love that photo. I spent some of my growing up years in Calif.

  2. You look so sharp in your uniforms! I have a sister like Sally (18 months younger) and I too, would have loved to march in front of her (and look over my shoulder and give her one of those ha-ha insincere smiles!)
    happy friday

  3. I'm jealous of those uniforms, I didn't have a younger sister to boss around, but I did try my best at bossing my younger cousin's a wonder she still loves me....

  4. That is a great photo. I think it's neat that you saved that certificate.

    I was an only child and longed for a sister or brother (I often still do). It would be especially nice to have someone to exchange the memories of childhood with.

  5. That picture is just too cute. you both look so official. Very important.

  6. Wonderful, wonderful. I grew up and still live in southern CA and I don't remember any "California Rangers". I love, LOVED horses, and so this would have been a dream come true!

    My brothers and I were very competitive, so I got that too. Being the youngest, they simply beat me up all the time ha ha. So much for being the "spoiled youngest" Har!

    Wonderful photos, and extra (((hugs))) as this is the first Christmas without your Mom. Many hugs going your way.

  7. hi Christine,

    My name is Justin and I am the webmaster of the California Rangers. Can you shoot me a email at the webmaster@californiarangers. I would love to chat and see if you have any pictures. If you get this before tomorrow we are having our 67th Military Ball Saturday at the Glendale Hilton if you want to come check it out...