Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rednesday Xmas Stuff

I'm going to give these linky blogs a try.  It's A Very Cherry World has a good one going featuring red thingies, so check out my red stuff and then trot over to her blog.  First off, here's a cute little ceramic Santa bank. 

I just got this cake stand at Hobby Lobby and it's so retro.  Half off the $28 regular price.  The graphics are pretty darn cute.

Vintage Avon Christmas angel bell. 

I already had the Santa part of this vintage salt & pepper set but couldn't find the Mrs. part.  A wonderful man who took over ownership of Honey Island Treasures in Pearl River, LA (where I'd found the Santa) went online and found the set on eBay.  I snagged 'em for $4.99.  Of course I still have to find another Mrs. Claus but she'll pop up somewhere, sometime.

These candleholders are a set given to me 10 years ago by a woman I worked with -- her aunt had passed away and Kathy, who was all into modern stuff, had no use for these mid-century pieces of junk (as she put it).  Well, these pieces of junk are in perfect condition, were made by Holt-Howard in 1958 and are worth about $35 last time I checked.  Please, world--give me more junk like this!!

And don't you just love that copper thing in the background?  It's actually an anodized aluminum bun & food warmer with a cloth electric cord, original booklet and attached stand.  Made by The Silex Company (pre-Proctor-Silex) and unused.  $5 at Habitat for Humanity. 

Happy Rednesday!!


  1. I love all of your vintage Christmas things, especially that girl bell! And I never thought of looking at S&P shakers to fill out my vintage collection. I've been eyeballing those cake stands at HL for a few weeks now. One might come home with me next time!
    Happy Rednesday!

  2. What darling holiday reds. I especially like your little bell! Happy REDnesday and thanks for sharing.


  3. GREAT holiday reds... love those 50s Santas. that tray is interesting -- vintage mid century style images, but arranged in a distinctly contemporary style. Nice!
    And how happy Mr Claus must be to be reunited with his Mrs. We hope. :-)

  4. The older the santa, the more magical! Happy Rednesday!

  5. These are too cute! Thanks for the comments on my post honey. I will get to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to check that out immediately! You are so sweet to think of me. Have a great day! kori xoxo

  6. Your little vintage Christmas people are sweet and adorable! Love them all!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  7. What a great figurine collection! How can anyone not love them?!

  8. Welcome to Rednesday! You've got some great vintage Christmas items. I'm glad to see the vintage type designs coming back!

  9. I want the Santa and Mrs Claus salt and pepper shakers! Oh dear me yes!

    And those candle sticks really do look to be in perfect condition!

    Great finds!

  10. Love your Christmas stuff and your new blog background! You've been a busy girl!

    I just decorate my whole Christmas tree, stood back to look and tried to figure out what was missing...THE DAMN POPCORN!!! We will be popcornless this year!

  11. I am in love with those candleholders. Holy Santa! They're divine!

  12. Love that cake plate!

    I had a 1950's Santa bank, different than the one you picture, but it was a treasture until it just got too worn out. I tried to repair it to no avail. Some day I'll find another one that someone somewhere has had stashed in an attic or box some place.

  13. The little girl bells always remind me of my sister Kathy. She looked just like that when she was young. So want a Santa bank...something else to add to my list of must-haves!
    Probably already told you, but I adore that photo of your parents!