Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh Come On--This Ad Is Really All About The Half-Naked Girl! (And A Special Thank You)

Actually, THIS is the first thing you see when you open The Fantastic Four comic featured today.  What red-blooded American boy is going to immediately start reading about KURRGO when you can ogle this early 60's babe? 

If you click on the picture and enlarge it, you'll also see another interesting offer: you'll also receive a booklet entitled "How To Easily Draw Artists' Models", packed with pictures showing all the basic poses of artists' models.  NAKED artists' models.  Kurrgo? Huh? Fantastic Four? Who?

My mail was overflowing with goodies yesterday--not only did I receive the latest issue of "Cloth Paper Scissors" but ALSO an envelope containing postcards from The Fabulous Casablanca Hotel & Resort" at Lake Diversion, TX!  Thanks, Mick--you made my day!!!

Just toooooo cute!


  1. Where is the Flamingo Drive Inn? Is it a real place? What a fabulous Christmas card it would be!

  2. Well I'm going to send off today for my "Half-Naked Lady Drawing Kit"!

    Can't wait till it arrives!

  3. Love the gnomes at the Drive-In!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Christine you are more than welcome~! I enjoyed fixing them up for you, as did the CH&R's in house postcard maker Miss Kati! I cant wait for 50 followers to send out somthing else!
    Adn thnak you for Posting them on your blog!

    Chickens in the Basement: You bet your Button's its real! check it out over at my blog!