Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Meaning of the Word "Lagniappe"

I was recently informed that I had won a MAJOR AWARD for an entry I  had submitted in the "Snarky Signs" contest over at one of my favorite blogs, Chickens In The Basement.  Husband and I were having lunch at the local Mexican fine dining establishment (that would be an example of a snarky description) and I mentioned to him that I'd won something but hadn't received it yet.  He gave me one of those "hellooooo? stoopid?" looks and informed me that there was a box sitting right on the kitchen table that he had personally accepted from Miz Mailperson.  "Well!" I sniffed.  "You could  have told  me!  Jeez."  And not only did I get a darling sign with my winning entry emblazoned thereon, but also what we'uns down here just north of New Orleans call "lagniappe"--a little something extra that you weren't expecting.

I got:  A pretty pink flowered pillowcase with a zipper and a tag on the outside that assures me that this is a Freedom Fast pillow, 100% cotton and MADE IN THE U.S.A.   A notecard with a watercolor of the Nash County Court House by Billy Farmer.  A darling Xmas elf.  A deck of "Animal Rummy" playing cards.  Vintage Xmas ornaments.  A bracelet.  A little glass bottle.  A STICKPIN!

I wanted to share the note she'd written inside the Billy Farmer notecard.  Anna is quite aware of my stickpin addiction.

The ornaments were the first thing hung on my new 4' pre-lit non-vintage Xmas tree.

I was so excited to actually be able to close the latch on this pretty bracelet that I managed to take a picture of it on my arm.  Therefore, you also get to see one of my many tattoos.

Here is Petey, who now resides in a nice warm spot on the Xmas tree. 

This is my new favorite stickpin--enameled lilies of the valley!

As you can see, I do sort of have a bottle collection.  My newest acquisition is the little clear bottle in the front middle, sitting proudly between the large brown liquor bottle and the cloudy bottle to the right that used to hold Gouraud's New York Oriental Cream (a friend found this in New Orleans while renovating a cottage in the French Quarter).

This is my Tassimo single cup coffee maker as it usually looks on the kitchen counter.  I love it, but it's pretty ugly and definitely not part of the mid-century kitchen look I'm aiming for.

And here it is with the vintage mixer cover (why quibble?) that was also in the Miz Chicken box.

It goes perfectly with the vintage "Tea 'n Toast" toaster cover I snagged from a junque swap. 

Now if I can just find a cover for that blender, life would be complete (the ice crusher is vintage and stands on its own).  Thank you so much for the sign and all the lagniappe, Anna sweetie.  Or should I say, "Merci boucoup pour tout les GOODIES, ma amie!!"


  1. You are so welcome! I didn't have space on the note card to give you more details...the elf came out of a freebie box at a local thrift store. Can you believe they had the nerve to put him in there? The bottle was found somewhere in our yard. Just 15 years ago, our neighborhood was considered to be the middle of freaking nowhere. In the 30's during prohibition, the fine citizens of Raleigh would drive to the sticks for their moonshine fix. We think there was a still on or near our property based on the amount of old bottles we have uncovered. The pillowcase and the cover (perfect use to cover NEW appliances!) were in a goody box in an auction. The bracelet, I meant to polish it before I sent it to you. Sorry, I'm slack! Looks great with the tats! Of course, I had you in mind when I found the stick pin. I can't see them now without thinking of you!

    Thanks too for the new word. I'm going to have to work it into a new post! I'll have to cut and paste to get the spelling right!


    PS In my world, Mexican is definitely FINE DINING!

  2. Damn, I didn't mean to write a whole new post in the comments section!

  3. That lily of the valley pin made me gasp out loud...I think I'm going to see if Anna wants to be my new best friend too!
    Enjoy your bounty!

  4. Wow, lots of goodies in that there box! That stickpin is gorgeous!! And Petey is so cute. But I want to see more tattoos! I'm jealous. I only have one, because it hurt too much and I'm not going through that again! But I want more!