Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage Goodies #1

(click for detail)

I unpacked a bunch of stuff the other day and rather than photograph it individually (which I'll do eventually) I grouped together everything that I'd bought at different venues.  These items were purchased at a Hattiesburg MS antique mall/flea market.  The really nice booths are in the front of the building (which is HUGE) and their "flea market" is in the back.  I put that in quotes since a good amount of the flea market items are just as pricey as the antique mall stuff.  Everything but the mixing bowls came from the back but I got a great deal on the bowls.

From left to right, there's a Fire-King "Summerfield" loaf pan, a Royal China "Blue Heaven" 11" platter (with nary a nick or chip, amazingly), a Fire-King "Blue Heaven" custard cup, an Oneida Homestead Cookware kettle, and two Marcrest "Swiss Chalet" mixing bowls.

All of a sudden, the "Blue Heaven" dinnerware by Royal China and the kitchenware by Fire-King are impossible to find in the thrift stores at the "OMG, I've got to get this and run out of the store before they realize I'm virtually stealing it" prices.  Now if they even make it to the thrift stores they're in the "Collectibles"section and obscenely overpriced. 

The Marcrest bowls were a good deal at $3 and $4.  I paid the most for the loaf pan, $6, but anytime a vendor or thrift store sees the words Fire-King they automatically price it up.  I like this "Summerfield" pattern that doesn't seem to be as popular as some others.  It looks like it might have a tendency to fade easily like the "Candleglow" pattern.

Next up will be stuff I got up in Birmingham at America's Theft  (excuse me) THRIFT store.


  1. I'm in love with the Marcrest bowls!I've never seen them in my 'travels' What a steal!!

    ps I'm also digging your blog background..:)

  2. I love the blue heaven pattern. I found two plates at Salvation army for cheap and haven't seen any since. Darnit! Your background is really cool. Love the rest of your finds. Great score.

  3. The platter is very appropriately named Blue Heaven! It's gorgeous, and you found alot of other great goodies too!

  4. I love Fire King and have a collection of their depression glass cookware. I'll be on the look out for Blue Heaven and Marcrest.

  5. I adore all these Fire King/Pyrex etc glassware! I'm particularly enamoured of the Marcrest mixing bowls you have there!