Sunday, January 26, 2014

One More Time . . .

I've started and stopped with this blog so many times.  I really did try to post using my iphone and my ipad but you can't really do it right when you can just post a photo or two and text.  Plus I type with my index finger so it takes forEVER.  My nieces and nephews think this is hilarious, by the way, but I personally think typing with your thumbs and making every other word a typo or an abbreviation much MORE hilarious.  So neener neener.

Another reason I stopped blogging is that we got a new computer so I had to put my 50 gazillion photos on several (yes, several) zip drive thingies and now I have no idea what is where.  I don't want to download them onto my hard drive because we did have a nasty virus at one time that we're pretty sure we got rid of but I'd hate to find out we didn't when THIS computer explodes.

So then I  had the bright idea that I could take pix with my iphone and then email them to myself and download from the email to the computer.  Except when you do that you lose a LOT of quality.  I tried Dropbox but that's not great, either.

So, I finally broke down and bought a new camera since the one I'd been using was pretty well shot, and  now I'm  having to figure out how to use it since you no longer get an instruction manual, just a CD which is just too complicated for lil ole moi.


Let's put it this way about how long it's been since I blogged on my desktop.  My header isn't for Valentine's Day 2014.  I put it up there LAST year!

Stayed tuned and hopefully I'll get the darn camera figured out soon.  You CAN teach an old dog new tricks, you just have to have the patience of Job to do it.

Love, VintageChristine

Amazing pale lavender rhinestone necklace and earrings.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Little Trial, A Little Error

Trying to blog on my iPhone was limiting which is kinda why I stopped blogging, but now I have an iPad mini and it looks like I can do pretty much what I was able to do on the desktop.  Also, I have such admiration for Linda Mc (who is now in Paris!) and Mick (deep into preparing for yet another musical extravaganza, West Side Story) and the newly-engaged Amber and everyone else who's been keeping up with THEIR blogs.  

So, what to blog about after being away all this time?  Why, costume jewelry, of course!  BTW, I won't be doing a lot of typing since I type with my index finger on this little keyboard and I'm not that fast doing it this way.  Y'all like looking at pictures, though, so herewith, some pretty baubles!

Just got some great vintage charm bracelets.  The previous owner "married" each of them with a pair of earrings, some good matches, some not so good.  I think these go well with this gorgeous bracelet!

Everyone likes this one the best.

And this one is just too fun!

It's still not as easy to blog as on the desktop but its better than the iPhone!  I'll save the full-blown ruminations for when I don't have to fight with autocorrect!

Hope everyone (if there's anyone still out there following this blog) is doing well and living the good vintage life!